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Cliff Davies

Cliff Davies

Cliff Davies

Job title: HGV Driver

Worked: 1974 _1985

"I started as a low loader mate to Pete Loveridge while his regular mate was off sick. After a few weeks I was allocated truck No 19 and my own driving career started. Not long after that I moved up to No 68 which was a Bedford TK. I stayed with that vehicle until I was 21. A month after my birthday I passed my Class1. I believe that I was only the second driver to be put through straight to Class 1. Johnny Jones son Mervyn being the first. I was subsequently allocated a Volvo F86 No 124 followed by another F86 No 168 which I kept until 1981 when I was given a new truck No 190, a Leyland Roadtrain. I stayed with this vehicle until I left Butts to move on to livestock haulage at Midland Meat Packers."

Cliff Davies , Employee

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