C Butt Ltd appoint Haultech for in-cab technology

C Butt Ltd have signed a three year deal with Haultech to provide front & side facing HD cameras, and vehicle tracking software.

Continuing with the theme of the best-in-class options for their fleet, C Butt are delighted to confirm Haultech have been awarded the tender for the C Butt fleet of vehicles.

The cameras all have 4G capability, so the transport team will be able to view incidents almost immediately. The HaulTech vehicle CCTV solution enables us to limit the number of incidents that occur and better manage those that do happen. With clear video evidence, eradicating false claims becomes easier than ever.

Essential data provided by our integrated Telematics and Live On-Screen solution includes:

  • Fuel reporting by vehicle/type know exactly how much fuel was consumed that day/week/month
  • Fuel reporting by driver know exactly how much fuel was consumed that day/week/month
  • Driver scorecards see how driving styles impact on the fuel used
  • Efficiency rating simple to read scoring mechanism by vehicle/type and overall for your fleet
  • Vehicle idling/management identify ways to better improve overall vehicle management/fuel use
  • Overall Co2 reporting, which allows us to track our success against our environmental targets

What the Haultech solution provides to us:

  • Powerful yet simple to use online web portal so we can access our fleet from anywhere
  • Current location of the vehicle so we know exactly where our team are
  • Route replay so we know exactly where they’ve been and when
  • Nearest vehicle to a location so we can dispatch the closest, best and most cost effective resource
  • Resource utilisation so we know which vehicles have and haven’t worked today
  • Driver behaviour reporting so we know where to focus our training and education efforts
  • Vehicle scorecards so we can see utilisation and driving styles

The Haultech solution was the best one for us because we wanted the mix of great quality CCTV options and vehicle telematics. We are working with clients on sustainability initiatives, so the ability to track Co2 was an important part of our decision making process

Robert Butt

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