C Butt Ltd start trial with alternative fuels

March 2023: C Butt Ltd, the Northamptonshire based national haulier are trialling the use of HVO fuels within its fleet of Artics that are to be powered by HVO fuel, instead of diesel.

C Butt Ltd are trialling the use of 100% renewable Hydo-treated Vegetable Oil (HVO) as they continues to look for new and innovative ways to power its fleet and decarbonise their operations. Ground-breaking tests have been taking place at their Shared User Distribution Centre, in Brackmills, Northampton and a dedicated tank has been installed which will mean traditional diesel has been replaced for the more environmentally friendly HVO fuel for a number of units. This will mean vehicle emissions will be reduced by up to 90% against standard diesel trucks.

HVO – Hydro-treated Vegetable Oil – is marketed as “one of the world’s purest and greenest fuels”. It’s synthetically made through the hydro-treatment process from vegetable oils or animal fats which significantly reduces harmful carbon dioxide (CO2) and nitrogen oxide (NOx) emissions when used in diesel vehicles and machinery.

Joint Managing Director Robert Butt described the trial as “an essential step forward”.

“C Butt Ltd were one of the first companies to trial CNG many years ago, and we feel now is the time to give options to our clients as we all move towards a more sustainable future. While we were delighted that our fleet had been awarded 5* membership for the Eco Stars scheme, and we wanted to press ahead even further”. When we considered the options available to us, the fact that the fuel can be run with normal trucks was a big advantage. We closely monitor the vehicles performance and shall continue to do so throughout this trial, we look forward to sharing the results”.

This is only one of a number of sustainable directions C Butt Ltd is taking, others include a target of zero waste to landfill & even the introduction of a worm farm for food waste generated by it’s employees.

How is HVO made?

HVO is part of the paraffinic fuel family. It is a second-generation biofuel, also known as an advanced biofuel or renewable diesel, made from vegetable oils or animal fats. Unlike first-generation biofuels, these raw sources are processed using a specialist hydro-treatment to achieve high levels of purity. The result is a stable fuel with a long-shelf life and excellent performance year-round.

Who is HVO for?

HVO is a drop-in replacement for diesel. It delivers an efficient and reliable performance for vehicles and machinery across industries:

  • Construction equipment
  • Fleet vehicles
  • Agricultural machinery and vehicles
  • Manufacturing machinery
  • Industrial trucks and tankers
  • Commercial boilers and burners

Why switch to HVO?

One key difference with HVO compared to other alternative fuels is that it is FAME-free. Its formulation gives it excellent cold weather properties, a long-shelf life and ultra-low sulphur combustion for a reliable fuel all year round.

Using HVO is an effective way to reduce the carbon footprint of your business. It is also a simple solution. HVO is a drop-in fuel replacement that has very similar properties to regular diesel, so you won’t need to drain or modify your tank. We can also work with World Kinect Energy Services to help you balance the higher price point of HVO by generating savings elsewhere in your fuel and energy supply.

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