Digital Infrastructure

C Butt Ltd have IT systems and policies that are designed to be as robust and secure, protecting you at all times

The group continues to invest in its Digital Transformation by implementing Enterprise level Infrastructure, Services & Solutions to improve efficiency, enhance User & Customer experiences, and stay competitive in the digital age.

Key transformations and implementations include Automation, Data Analytics, Cloud Computing, Customer-Centricity, Digital Communication and Collaboration & Cybersecurity, which enables us to provide an Agile and Flexible Operation to our Users & Customers in a Safe & Secure environment.

Our IT systems continue to be developed and improved, so we can best serve our clients. Did you know that we have three independent ways to access the internet, from each site within which we operate – so if the internet “goes down” we can continue to operate!

Huge Pallet Capacity

3 Central Locations

Around The Clock Operation

Cutting Edge Technology

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We integrated our IT systems with C Butt. Orders flow automatically to them, we receive updates all the way along from picking and packing through to delivery. The integration was achieved on time and in budget and is seamless. We have full visibility as if the warehouse was still downstairs.

Paul Toland – Project Manager
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We take advantage of the full integration options that C Butt provide, for both warehouse and transport solutions. It provides visibility that we have not experienced with other 3PL operators. They have always been proactive and passionate about providing the very best levels of service to us u0026 it is very much appreciated.

Mike Berrisford – Operations Director
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